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My name is Atanas Popatanasov, Technical University of Sofia graduate with both bachelor and master degree. I am very passionate about UI, .NET and C# and I sometimes play with C, C++ and Java. I have been working at Telerik where I helped build some of the most widely used UI component suites for WPF, Silverlight and as of recently for Xamarin and UWP. I am also a strong fan of WinForms, XAML and MVVM. Currently, I am working on Telerik UI for Xamarin and the Telerik UI for UWP suite, where I am leading the open source project and maintaining the repo on GitHub.

My Sessions

Enhancing WPF/WinForms Apps with UWP Features

Theater 1

You are building a WPF/WinForms application, but want to make it cool and feature rich? Learn how to modernize your desktop applications by integrating UWP goodness, like Windows 10 features such as Tile, Push notifications, Speech recognition and more. The presentation will demonstrate several approaches on how to enhance the modern WPF/WinForms applications, like: Use […]

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