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Dev Advocate | Particle

Brandon Satrom is a Developer Evangelist for Particle and the founder of Carrot Pants Studios. An unabashed lover of the web, mobile and an avid tinkerer, Brandon loves to talk about sensors and circuits, microcontrollers, open source, robots and whatever new shiny tool or technology has distracted him from that other thing he was working on. Brandon has spoken at national, international and online events, and is the author of four books. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife, Sarah, and three sons, Benjamin, Jack and Matthew.

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Getting your IoT devices to mesh with Thread

Building for the Internet of Things is no longer about getting a single connected device online over a local Wi-Fi or even cellular connection. Increasingly, real IoT projects—be they for the smart home, smart factory, or shop floor—utilize a swarm of devices to interact with sensors, report status, and manage actuators. In these cases, the […]

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