Chris Klug πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Senior Dev | Tretton37

Chris Klug is an adrenaline loving, problem solver/creator who loves building things. He is currently working as a ninja/developer badass-as-a-service for a Swedish company called tretton37. Except for the days he spends at conferences, talking about doing things he is passionate about, and the days he fills with mountain biking, kiteboarding, or RC helicopter flying. For the last 15 or so years, he has been solving problems for customers. But if he could choose, he’d go to the beach and kiteboard every time.

My Sessions

The Whirlwind Tour of Authentication & Authorization with ASP.NET Core

Theater 1

Authentication and authorization are not fun topics for most people. It is generally that thing that has to be there, but nobody really cares about. And on top of that, every time the requirements are a little different. And every time we have to figure out how to write all the plumbing to get it […]

.NET Web

Works on My Machine – Docker for .NET Developers

Theater 1

There is a LOT of talk about containerization today, and about Docker in particular. At least in the Microsoft world. The rest of the world, has been using it for quite a while, but seeing that it is mostly Linux based, it has had some problems getting traction with Microsoft developers. But that is about […]

.NET Cloud Tools

SOLID Principles for C# Devs

Theater 3