Panayot Cankov 🇧🇬

Principal Dev | Progress

Panayot has 15 years of experience focused on UI. For 9 years in Progress, he has been working on the XAML stack and the NativeScript framework.

Today he is pushing forward AR/VR technologies as he is a big believer in those, along with AI/ML for being the foundation of the next generation line of business application experiences.

My Sessions

Virtual and Augmented Reality with Telerik

Theater 2

Interested in making a leap from conventional 2D screens to innovative and emerging 3D technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)? In this session we will explain what your options are today and share our vision on this front. You will get a preview of our C# and Unity-based toolkit which helps lower […]

.NET AR/VR Tools