Simona Cotin 🇬🇧

Dev Advocate | Microsoft

Simona Cotin is a web developer with a passion for teaching. She spends most of her time tinkering with JavaScript in the cloud and sharing her experience with other developers at community events like meetups and conferences or online. As a Cloud Developer Advocate, Simona engages with the web community to help create a great developer experience with Azure. She loves shipping code to production and has built network data analytics platforms using Angular, Typescript, React, and Node.

My Sessions

Discover True Identity of a Twitter Parody Account with Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a remarkable thing – processing enormous sets of data to make predictions just like a human brain does, only capable of much more difficult and important tasks. Tasks like finally taking the giant horse mask off of the notorious @horse_js twitter account to see who’s underneath. In this session, Burke will walk […]

AI/ML JavaScript

Build APIs using Serverless

Serverless lets you focus on coding and testing instead of provisioning infrastructure, configuring web servers, debugging your configuration, managing security settings, and all the drudgery normally associated with getting an app up and running. In this session, you’ll discover how to migrate an API of an existing app to Azure Functions. You’ll learn how to […]

Cloud JavaScript