Vladimir Milev 🇧🇬

Architect | New Venture

Vladimir Milev is Chief Software Architect at New Venture Software, a company providing software consulting services and an official Progress, Telerik partner. Vladimir has been delivering consulting, training and custom software development services and solutions with the Telerik product stack for over 13 years. He has been working almost daily with .NET since it was release in 2001 and has profound understanding of C# and .NET. Before starting New Venture Software he was leading several different teams at Telerik around Web, Desktop and BI.

My Sessions

Mastering LINQ for Everyday Use

Theater 2

Being able to effectively utilize LINQ is an indispensable and fundamental skill for every C# developer. LINQ is so ubiquitous that there is hardly a case in which your work will not benefit from the effective use of this technology. This talk will focus on practices, techniques and some more intricate aspects of using LINQ […]

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